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Our services include upfront planning and research, rate negotiation, ad placement, ad serving and traffic, plan management and optimization, performance reporting, billing and payment all with one team assigned to your business.    We offer all products that a newspaper produces:   on-page standard and unique units, post-its, polybags, free standing inserts, special sections and custom content and all digital assets.    We work with every major market daily, weekly newspapers, multi-cultural, international and more.



All of our buys are customized, nothing is cookie-cutter.   With your direction, we develop newspaper plans that maximize your investment in the medium.   The level of detail and attention we give to your newspaper plan is magical.  You get a fresh perspective and the most creative thinking to help you fulfill your marketing strategy.

“Newspapers cannot be defined by the second word – paper.  They’ve got to be defined by the first word – news.”

 Arthur Sulzberg, Jr.