EST. 1932



True partners treat each other with respect.  We are able to accomplish what no other company can because we recognize that all the parties involved in any transaction have their own goals to fulfill.


Our partners are both newspapers and advertisers.   We are grateful to have the opportunity to be entrusted with someone’s business.  Our partners understand that we want to deliver the best possible result to both sides.  When we work towards that goal with an understanding of what is possible and what is not realistic vis a vis each others’ business, it’s amazing what can actually happen.  People will move mountains to help those goals get accomplished.


We can use all the buzzwords we want…we’re unique, we’re different, we’re the best, etc., etc., etc.   But, those are just words and everyone uses them.  You’ll just have to work with us on a project, small or large, to understand the Metro difference.