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In the late ‘90s, two senior Metro employees took the company private.  Today, Metro is a comprehensive advertising resource that specializes in newspapers and all newspaper related products, both print and digital.   As an independent company with no outside corporate ties or affiliations, we are best able to impartially make recommendations to you that are in your advertising’s best interest.


With backgrounds in advertising and marketing, the owners and senior management understand what it takes to get the job done.  We have a long and proud tradition of serving national advertisers.  Newspapers are in our blood and nobody does it better than Metro.

In 1932, a consortium of major market newspapers decided that there needed to be one voice representing the newspaper industry in order to attract national advertisers.  Metro Newspaper Advertising Services, Inc., in its’ original incarnation, streamlined the buying of newspapers by creating the first discounted newspaper “network” pricing structure for Sunday magazines and Sunday Comics and the first one-order-one bill system for advertisers.